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Okay, so here we go. Christy’s blogging the rest of his flight training.

A little bit of the history first. I’m currently an Irish PPL holder, which I attained through Limerick Flying Club at Coonagh airfield on the north-western corner of Limerick city, in Ireland.

Since my PPL, I’ve done the majority of my flying in Luxembourg, where I’ve been living and working. I joined Aerosport ASBL at Luxembourg Findel Airport and since I’ve attained my night rating and brought my hours total up to approximately 115. While last year I completed my ATPLs at Bristol.gs.

So, now what? Time to pull the finger out and get myself a commercial licence!

 The main hurdles left to overcome are;

  • Remaining hour building ~40hours
  • Class 1 Renewal
  • Getting a “”JOB””

I plan to tackle each of these in the order given. Tomorrow, the 15th of August, I fly aboard a Cargolux 747-8F(perks of working for a cargo airline) to LAX, where I hire a rent a car, drive to Phoenix, where I’ll have about 2 weeks to do my 40hours, in the balmy 40+ Celsius. Not, quite sure how that’s going to pan out, but if you keep reading this blog, you should find out.
I picked Phoenix for two reasons, it should be fairly consistent flying weather, as well as posing some interesting trips including the Grand Canyon, Southern Utah, aircraft boneyards in Tucson etc.

The medical, I will renew when I get back to Luxembourg, hopefully with no issues!

For the CPL/MEIR, I plan to go to the Diamond Flight Academy, Kalmar, Sweden. I visited the school in July and can only say, it was a hands down winner for me of the schools I visited. It came across as a very smooth and efficiently run operation with excellent facilities, equipment and from my limited exposure, the instructors seemed very good too. It was also a very competitively priced course.

For reputation and convenience, I’ll probably go to Simtech at Dublin airport for the JOC/MCC.

Well, that’s the last 5 years packed into a couple of paragraphs, as well as a small glimpse into the future. From here on I hope to provide you a more detailed debrief on how my training goes.

Now to go and pack a bag with enough socks and jocks to last 2 weeks of 40C+ heat…:)

P.S. If you know anyone with a pilot requirement in the new year, I’m your man!! 😉