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So you’re probably asking where’s the day 10 update? Well, that was a me day. A few beers in an old school bar down the road from the hostel to cap off day 9, with some cool people. A nice mix spreading 4 nationalities including American, Scottish, Swiss and of course Irish. A real funky little bar called Bikini Bar, not the dancers on tables the name might suggest, but the ropey entrance from an alleyway with a pool table and cheap booze. My type of place and certainly what everyone who comes to the states wants to experience at some point.

After a fill of beer, an early flight the next morning was, of course, out of the question. But, that wasn’t the plan. I still got my self out of bed relatively early, hired a bike and set about having a gentle roll round town. Anymore than a gentle roll and you’re liable to give yourself heatstroke, but the breeze generated by the bike makes it a great way to see Phoenix.

The place can be a bit of a ghost town, with everyone dashing from air con to air con. I covered a lot of ground and took in quite a lot, including Chase Stadium. I’ll probably catch a game before I go.

After a fairly chilled out day yesterday, it was back to the flying today. I had planned to leave for Moab, but alas, my big trip plan was once again scuppered by weather. A lot of poor weather in the mountains, with a number of airports enroute reporting 1,000ft to 2,000ft cloud ceilings, which I’ve no great interest in navigating through, as an inexperienced mountain aviator. I quickly scrambled to put something else together, so that I wouldn’t waste the day.

The only area that provided a clear run of weather, seemed to be down towards Tucson. I didn’t particularly want to return to Ryan since I’d already done it and it was a pretty short hop of just 45 minutes. I decided to do a quick run down and back to Nogales, a small airport right on the Mexico boarder.

I really didn’t expect much, but I got a pleasant surprise in the end. It was a nice little airport with some impressive scenery on the way down. Other than the American cop(I guess customs), you could easily have mistaken the place for Mexico. Everyone was speaking Spanish(with the Mexican accent) and the scenery around the airport was that same lush rugged terrain that I’d seen a week ago while on approach into Mexico city.

I enjoyed some great views  as I got closer to Nogales.

I enjoyed some great views as I got closer to Nogales.

A quick snap, before heading back, of the high terrain surrounding the airport.

A quick snap before heading back of the high terrain surrounding the airport.

I also passed over some impressive mines on the way down, a pretty awesome sight from the air.

Copper mine at the base of the Sierrita Mountains.

Copper mine at the base of the Sierrita Mountains.

The rest of the day was spent with a few people from the hostel visiting some of the places to be seen around Phoenix and generally cruising around the city. I’m not sure what tomorrow has to offer, but hopefully it brings another interesting day.