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Drinkin’ & Shootin’ – You’ll be glad to know not at the same time. I arrived back at the hostel last night and a couple of people were talking about going down to the Bikini Bar for a few drinks, apparently Tuesday night is always a big one down there. So, I said why not, that I’d hold back on the flying the next day(today) and make a good night of last night not having to worry about being fresh in the morning. One of the guys in the hostel was also talking about going to the shooting range this morning, so I figured that that would be something cool to do and meant I wouldn’t waste the morning.

Needless to say I was delighted to wake up this morning to find that the weather would have been perfect for a trip to the Grand Canyon and on to Moab. But, I guess that’s Murphys Law for you. Hopefully it will hold good tomorrow too.

The shooting range was a great setup, very friendly, well run and with a reasonable price too. I took an FNP .45 and the guy I was with, took the Sig. We started with 25 rounds each and as is usual with me and pistols, my shot was all over the place, I was managing a grouping of about 20 inches for 15 yards. Which is fairly pathetic. I couldn’t get a decent grip of the pistol grip. I put this down to my small and fat monkey hands which weren’t properly griping the gun. After about 15 rounds I tried the Sig which was much more comfortable and my shot improved a lot. With that, I decided to try something else. This time, I went for the Smith and Wesson 1911 .45 and this was perfect. I was able to comfortably grip and steady the gun enough to get the grouping down to about 4 inches which I was delighted with, because normally I can’t shoot pistols for sh…

One shot!! BANG BANG!!

One shot, BANG!! BANG!!

The rest of the day was just spent chilling out around the town. I hope to fly to the Grand Canyon in the morning then land at Page, where I’ll fuel up before continuing up Lake Powell into Moab where I’ll stay the night, then see where to go from there. If this trip goes ahead, I should have my hours pretty much completed. Which, in turn, should allow for a mini holiday at the end of the trip, so maybe, Vegas baby!?