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A few days now since my last update, but there’s not been a massive amount to update on.

As I would have discussed in previous posts, the fleet of aircraft here is the single DA42 and a DA42 simulator, with another Kalmar based DA42 for rent, should the schools aircraft be out of service for any reason.

This normally provides plenty of back up for the max 8 students that the school will accept, at any one stage. However, this weekend we’ve had the perfect storm. Last week, the spare aircraft was brought into service, to take up the slack from the schools aircraft, which had the engine problem. However, it itself is now grounded as it ran out of flight hours(for service) as of last Friday, or to be more specific, it has just enough left to get it to Germany for maintenance.

To get the school aircraft back into maintenance, last Wednesday, one of the instructors ferried it to maintenance in Kyritz near Berlin, Germany. This was an opportunity for two of the students to follow it down in the spare aircraft. Making the experience a learning one, performing an instrument approach into Malmo en-route, and then continued on to Kyritz, where they picked up the ferry pilot and flew back to Kalmar.

So, why the perfect storm? Well, the simulator had also been planned for maintenance this weekend. So, we’re currently learning another valuable lesson, one that I’m sure we’ll be required to take with us into a career as a pilot, the ability to wait and be patient.

It’s not all bad however, we covered so much in the first week, that we are well ahead of schedule. Hopefully, the time will help us soak it all up and prepare for the inevitable onslaught, that is yet to come.

I’ve personally used the time studying the charts, legislation and reviewing what we’ve done so far. I also managed to sneak in another attempt at the Kalmar nightlife, suffering the predictable; why did I do that Sunday? And, I think I’ve watched, just about, everything Netflix has to offer.

Today, we’re back on track. I’m back in the simulator with Henrik this evening, where we’ll do the 10th Simulator session. Having checked the lesson plan, it will be a review of everything done so far. I suspect this will most likely come in the form of taxiing for a take-off, a standard instrument departure(SID), some steep turns and stalls, and then back into Kalmar for holding patterns and an instrument approach. Meanwhile performing SOPs and briefings, exactly as you would for a real flight.

As for the two aircraft. Well, I guess in a way it’s worked out quite convenient. Since the spare needs it’s service it will get dropped down, again using it as a learning experience for two of the students, who will also fly back the school aircraft, the proud owner of two shiny new upgraded engines.

Hopefully, we’ll not break them too!