Hi there,

Welcome to my blog. Blogging is something that’s out of character for me. English was never my strong point, a good example of which is the fact that I scraped a D in my final exams of school. So, bear with me. Thankfully, I’ve got spell check and Google to proof read my spellings and in some cases catch the bad grammar. But, don’t expect the editorial quality of The Times.

On a positive note, I do have a pretty interesting subject matter to work with. At this stage in my flying career, every hour I fly I either learn something new or see something beautiful out the window that I’ve never encounter before.

When writing my posts, I’m trying to simplify them as much as possible, so that everybody can understand what I’m talking about. But, I guess at some stages I’ll probably go off on one in aviation jargon. If I do, feel free to ask for an explanation.

As you can probably see, I’ve already completed a day by day account of my remaining my hour building in Phoenix, AZ. The next few weeks will be a quite period from a flying point of view, but personally a busy period finishing up in Luxembourg and preparing to start the CPL/MEIR at Diamond Aviation Academy in Kalmar, Sweden. As soon as I start this training, I’ll kick start the blogging again, hopefully posting some interesting content.

For now, I guess, enjoy my experiences in Phoenix.

And, remember don’t forget to follow to get the updates. 🙂


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